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Our C.V.’s are designed to include content aligned to the South African market. From entry level data capture to executive C.V. writing, we provide professional services to assist you in marketing your skills no matter what level you are at, in your career.


 LinkedIn Profiles

A LinkedIn profile, for professionals, expands not only career opportunities but also your network to improve your sales leads and provide you with a strong online profile.


Professional Portfolio’s

Creatives benefit best with an online portfolio, our interactive, personalised website services provides job seekers and freelancers with a professional platform to showcase their skills.




Personal Branding


Professional consulting to effectively implement a personal brand and exposure strategy to increase opportunities for advancement within your career, small business or freelancing objectives.

Personal Branding

Reinvent yourself with an industry relevant designed brand to expertly present yourself with an optimised, positive, credible online presence.


Targeted exposure through networking, engagement, quality content creation and link building.  Keeping your personal brand part of your industries current conversation.

Who We Are

Growing your career is no longer about just sending out a C.V., you need to have a targeted approach to reach your employment objectives.

Angie Le Roux

Industry professionals providing career, small business, and freelancing solutions to clients seeking to market their skills effectively.  Our solutions are designed to grow clients in every stage of their career, from entry level to executive, with services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Graduate Services


R1500 once off

11 Module Career Assessment

Custom designed 2 page PDF C.V.

Content writing

Personalised Career Consulting

Entry Level to Executive Packages



Suited to entry level - median level job seekers
R750 once off

Retyped MS Word & PDF C.V.
Three optimised Job Portals
Development or upgrade of LinkedIn profile inclusive of basic header Image, Personal Details, Work Experience & Education
Content consultation via email


Senior, Executive, Top-Level Management, and Business Owners
R5000 once off

Custom designed summary and comprehensive PDF C.V.
Content editing, writing and rewording
Full LinkedIn profile optimisation including network research and targeted exposure introductions
Personalised content consultation

Customise Your Service


Choose your services

We’re a full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to online presentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a photo on my C.V.?

A photo will not only help your C.V. stand out, but it assists Recruiters and Hiring Managers to remember you. It is much easier to remember a face than it is a name.

Will I be able to update my own C.V. if I need to?

Yes. As long as you are proficient in Word, you will be able to update and change your retyped or formatted C.V., as you require.
Customised C.V.’s are completed in Photoshop and therefore only available in PDF.

What is the difference between sub domain and full domain hosting?

Sub domain hosting is a once off registration on DIYMYCV’s domain. So you will always have “diymyportfolio” along with your name in your portfolio’s link, i.e. myname.diymyportfolio.co.za.

Full domain hosting is your own domain, with only your name appearing in the link, i.e. myname.co.za. A full domain includes unlimited email address registrations which is great for a freelancer that would like to divide their professional correspondence through their profile into categories, such as contacts@myname.co.za.

What is your turn around time on C.V.'s?

For Basic and Standard Resumes, the turnaround time is between 5 and 7 working days, depending on how soon our queries are answered. For the Premium Resume, the scope of work will be determined upon quotation, according to each clients individual needs.

Is there a cost involved in updating my online profiles?

Your C.V. / Online profiles are subject to 3 free updates. Thereafter, there is a fee involved per update. Please enquire for a quote.

Is there a fee for the hosting of my Online Professional Profile?

Yes. Full domain hosting needs to be renewed every year while subdomain hosting has no added costs. The annual renewal fee for full domain hosting is R100.00